eCommerce is at the center of the Internet economic revolution. eCommerce has established itself as the new way of doing business .

What is eCommerce?

E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce (EC) is the process of conducting business transactions in a virtual economic environment – through the internet. Every business

needs a dynamic store at a right location and in the eCommerce environment, the requirement for a successful business is dynamic website which is capable of

handling all business transaction. This is where Puular,inc  comes into picture – it transforms your business vision into an online reality.

Why Sell Online?

In this economic environment, no company wants overheads and logistical wastes. Ecommerce is an agile and trusted business solution where products and services

can be sold and purchased while sitting in the comforts of your room – Now that's e-revolution. Puular,inc offers one of the most robust eCommerce solutions in the

Industry. Some of the major benefits of adopting an Puular,inc eCommerce solution are:

24x7x365 business — Non-stop business transaction – even when you are sleeping.

Global customer reach — Websites have a global nature and it can be accessed through Internet
from anywhere in the world.

Rapid & uniform information — Unlike a traditional store, an online store is able to deliver quick
messages about products, services, promotions at lightening speed.

Enhanced Bottom-line — The presence of an online store lends credibility to your physical store
leading to a greater trust factor as well as a greater sales

Zero-Middleman – There is no scope of any revenue go to the middle men

Automated Operations - eCommerce solutions are seamlessly integrated with Payment and
accounting gateways leading to a complete automation of business transactions

Enhanced customer satisfaction - Customers have easy access to Live Customer Service Chats,
24x7 Call centers – resulting in unmatched customer service

Enhanced Web visibility – eCommerce Websites are Search Engine Friendly – a greater chance
for your business to be found on the web

What we Offer

Puular,inc's Online Store Solutions are

100% Safe The hosting service behind your store should be like a well oiled machine — iNowweb servers have a track record of 99.9% uptime rating.

Efficient manageability Your online store can be managed and maintained from any part of the world as long as you have the internet connection

Agile and Scalable solution Upgrade and customization of the eCommerce site is super easy and can be accomplished with little training

Transactional Security – All financial transactions undergo a tamper-proof security system based on best of breed encryption algorithms

User friendly design – Visitors are the key to success and iNowWeb's ecommerce solution is known for their user friendliness

Aesthetics and Appearance – An uncluttered website design which is easy on the eyes is indispensable for the online store's success

Puular,inc eCommerce Solution Features....

100% search engine compatible solution

you can set up as many categories, subcategories and products as you want

Secure Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover Card Processing

Best of Breed Fraud Detection and Prevention

Robust Backorder management and an intuitive Inventory Control

Automated invoice generation and tracking

Multiple Shipping & Tax Options

Real time UPS and FedEx calculations

Real time Inventory tracking and reporting

Accurate tracking of Return customers

Easily accessible of Back order history

Customer has access to the order history

Customers can view order history

Featured product listing Basic and Advanced Search Inventory management

Multi supplier drop shipment calculations

Password protected sections based on authority

Express checkout capability

Site Traffic reporting capability

Browsing capability by price, manufacturer, category